Across many industries, wire storage cages are now built to provide the highest levels of security. Our team at California Wire Products has decades of experience building quality wire storage cages for our clientele, and within our latest post, we’re highlighting how wire industry experts play a role in the development of new wire storage cages.

Quality of the wire is the most important element

In deciding which wire storage cages to add to their facilities, many organizations are now reviewing the various types of wire available. Two of the leading options are welded wire mesh and woven wire mesh, which each offer several benefits when used in building wire storage cages.

Welded wire mesh

Welded wire mesh is designed for affordability and flexibility. The product retains its strength under an impact and is designed to absorb the power so that the wire cage can offer the highest levels of security for the client.

Woven wire mesh

Companies are now using woven wire mesh products in applications where the circulation of hot and cold air is of the utmost priority within the secured space. Woven wire mesh products are also double crimped and securely interwoven to create a highly secure and stable product designed for long-term security performance.

The mistakes made when choosing wire storage cages

One of the most important elements to consider when evaluating wire storage cages and the full range of options in the marketplace is the mistakes others have made in this process. Many companies go into the marketplace without a clear understanding of the products and materials available and this leads to them making some of the following mistakes:

  • Choosing based on brand reputation alone

The reputation of the brand is a key consideration when selecting storage cages, but it shouldn’t be the only element you consider. Make sure the company offers the ideal product for your application and ask them to provide you with information about the specific products and their performance over many years.

  • Not reviewing total cost

The total cost for the wire storage cages shouldn’t be the only or leading consideration when evaluating the options. But many companies focus on the long-term rather than the total cost, and this can mean they spend more than required for their storage system. Work with the manufacturer to assess all the options and make sure you get all the documentation before you move forward with the process. Taking your time at this stage can help you to save significant money on the total purchase cost for the wire product.

  • Failing to consider the environment

The environment in which your storage cages should be used is a leading element to take into consideration when buying the latest products. Many companies fail to consider the temperature and the humidity within the space and these elements can play a significant role in the material’s performance within the application. When speaking with manufacturers, make sure you find out as much as possible about their cages and how well the material will hold up within your storage area.

The important considerations for choosing wire storage cages

Now that you know a little more about the material options that will be available to you when choosing wire storage cages, let’s review the other important considerations to make during the buying process.

  • Experience of the company

The experience of the manufacturing company should be one of the leading elements you take into full consideration when buying wire storage cages. Has the company got the required experience to provide you with a return on investment? Review the company’s past performance in the industry and determine whether their experience matches your requirements in terms of quality.

  • Application

What is the application for the wire storage cages? You should have a clear understanding of the type of application for which the cage will be used. This will help you in communicating with your chosen manufacturer and moving forward with the buying process. The application for the product will determine the required level of durability and the flexibility that might be needed. For example, some wire storage cages within the animal care field must be designed to prevent the animal from biting and clawing their way out of the cage. In such cases, material durability and tensile strength are a foremost consideration.

  • The integration processes

Another important consideration is the integration process. How easily can the cage product be integrated within your building? Make sure that you understand the integration process and the time that the integration process will take. The downtime associated with the integration process can be costly to the company, and so it’s important that you understand how the product blends within the building.

Working with California Wire Products

Our trusted team at California Wire Products offers a comprehensive product range designed to ensure you have access to the best wire cages in the marketplace today. We work around the clock to respond to your requests and so you can call us now to discover more about the options available. Call today to speak with our experts about the storage cages available in our catalog.


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