Many companies are now utilizing woven and welded wire mesh storage cages because of the durability the material provides. Our team at California Wire Products has great experience designing and building wire storage cages, and in this new post, we’ll explain a little more about the benefits of the custom designing process.

Achieve tamper-proof security

Wire storage cages provide you with tamper-proof security for a range of applications. For example, if you’re using the wire to create storage lockers, you can ensure your employees’ belongings are safe from tampering and completely protected during the working day.

Creating secure working areas

Working with the latest custom designed wire storage systems ensures your team has access to secure working areas. They know that their belongings and important company tools are going to be safe within the storage cage, and so they can feel comfortable in and around the space.

Clear visibility

Another one of the clear benefits of using wire storage cages is that you can achieve clear visibility into the area from the outside. Rather than having to physically open a locked door to find out about the current location of your belongings, you can see directly into the cage. This helps save time during security checks and ensures any investigative work can begin the moment an item is stolen from inside the cage.


When operating a busy working space, it’s important that your storage systems can easily be moved from one location to another. A great benefit of choosing custom designed wire storage cages is that they offer portability within your business. You can move the cages easily from one location to another to provide additional security and to ensure each space in the facility is utilized to its full potential.

Our experienced team at California Wire Products can help you find that ideal wire storage system for your building and your team. To learn more about our company and the full selection of custom wire products available, please call our offices directly today.


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