It’s an area to which many companies don’t give their full focus. Wire storage cages and security partitions must be designed according to the highest standards for durability to mitigate the potential loss of product and to provide your team with a safe working environment. In this latest post, we’ll explore more about the potential applications for security partitions and wire storage cages.
Storage of personal belongings
One of the leading options for using wire storage cages is the storage of personal belongings on a busy site. The wire cages work to prevent access to those outside the area while ensuring that the owners of the belongings can see directly into the cage for clear visibility of their items.
Separating working spaces
Within a busy manufacturing plant, one area of the company might be focused on metalwork while another might be focused purely on putting components together within the box. Using wire security partitions can help to separate the working spaces so that teams can clearly identify their fellow coworkers and to minimize potential contamination of the working space.
Network server protection
Many companies are now installing security partitions around their networked servers to help minimize the potential for a person to interfere with the system. With so much data being stored on the equipment, it’s important that servers are protected around the clock, and using wire storage cages can help to mitigate this issue and keep both the equipment and the data secure.
Safe storage of hazardous items
Items that are deemed hazardous or must be separated from other products for safety reasons, such as pharmaceuticals, can be kept in secure wire storage cages to which only authorized personnel have access. For many industries, this level of security is mandatory, and so it’s important to work with regulators to determine the type of hazardous item storage required in your facility.
Our team at California Wire Products has great experience crafting custom wire storage cages for clients across the marketplaces. To learn more about our company and the full range of products we offer, please call us today.

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